Ten Tips To Resolve Medical Insurance Problems

1.    Know what information you are asking for when you contact provider or Insurance Company. Be as specific as possible in your request, and follow up in writing if necessary.

2.    Have all information organized and with you when you call, so you don’t have to search for it.

3.    Research first, and analyze problem carefully. Be a “detective.”

4.    Contact insurance company only when you know where and how problem occurred. Review information that you have, and contact providers or other sources first to get more information.

5.    Be persistent.

6.    Don’t be afraid to get angry.

7.    Try to find a “friend” at the insurance company, whom you can contact each time you have a problem and who knows the patient’s history.

8.    Try to find the person who can act on your problem, or make or reverse the decision you are investigating.

9.    Ask for a supervisor or manager if necessary.

10.     Keep a detailed, written log of all contacts. Note the date of contact, person contacted and details of conversation or letter. With each future contact, remind person of the previous contact(s) or explain at whose suggestion you are calling.