Ten Ideas To Help You Keep Better Records


1.    There’s no “right” way to keep records, only the way that works for you.

2.    Neatness is not always best. The difference between order and chaos lies in your perception. You need to be able to find things.

3.    Set up your record keeping system according to the information you need and how often you use it.

4.    Get started! Break the larger task down into manageable parts.

5.    Be consistent and efficient. Establish a routine time and place to pay bills, file and update records. Work smarter not harder.

6.    Keep records and files updated and cleaned out.

7.    Keep your checkbook balance in pencil.

8.    Be security conscious

9.    Keep your records so that you or someone else will be able to understand them later.

10.     Call a professional personal financial manager if you need help.

From the radio program “Consumer Aware,” WGTS/FM, which featured Lisa M. Berlin, President of Taking Care of Business, Inc.  She can be reached at 443-255-8176.