Daily Money Manager Certification

Lisa M. Berlin, President of Taking Care of Business, Inc. is a Certified Professional Daily Money Manager (PDMM) Certification by the American Association of Daily Money Managers demonstrates in a tangible way the professionalism among daily money managers and supports the AADMM’s commitment to “promoting high standards of client services provided by members, and to supporting the growth of the daily money management industry, in numbers of providers, in recognition of the field, and in the quality of services provided.” Through voluntary certification individual members can validate their skill level and add to their credentials as a leader in the industry.

These daily money managers earn the designation Professional Daily Money Manager by meeting eligibility requirements and passing an intensive examination. The certification process has been developed by the American Association of Daily Money Managers (AADMM) as part of its mission to assure high standards of practice and delivery of quality service by DMM professionals.

Each of these Professional Daily Money Managers certified that they ascribe to the stringent AADMM Code of Ethics, had 1500 hours of experience in the field, and fulfilled educational criteria to meet eligibility requirements. The test addresses five areas of competency that include bill paying, basic finance/bookkeeping, payroll and tax basics, types of expenses, and standards of practice.